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Engineering Manager - 00068 - 上海

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  • 工作类型: 全职
  • 工作地点: 上海徐汇区
  • 工作年限: 三至五年
  • 要求学历: 本科
  • 薪水范围: 20000至29999
  • 招聘人数: 1


Engineering Manager
Code: 00068
Dept: Operations
Report to: Operations Director
Number of Jobs: 1
Job Location: Xietu Lu, Shanghai

We are a global leading provider of Internet Managed Services. Founded by Silicon Valley technology entrepreneurs, we are also China's oldest Cloud Computing company with headquarters in Shanghai. Our services include server management (system architecture design, setup, and 24x7 management of the world's biggest web-sites), cloud computing, system consulting, application support and much more. We are also an exciting place to work, where you can develop your knowledge and skills learning from a team of top-notch experts in the field of Cloud Computing.

Our Vision:
Manage all the World's Internet Servers

Our Mission:
Manage every aspect of global customers' servers including performance, reliability, monitoring, backups, cost, and much more, all at world-class levels with great service, discipline, efficiency, and technical excellence.

Our Values:
Exceptional customer service, effective communication, teamwork, proactive attitude, discipline, outstanding quality, efficiency and productivity

This Job's Mission:
Deliver excellent customer service and alert/request response, while maintaining a high rate of engineer process, readiness, morale, training, and satisfaction.

• Ensure outstanding level of customer satisfaction.
• Lead engineering team, guiding morale, quality, process, and operations excellence
• Help improve the team through strong feedback, explanations, assistance, training with follow-up
• Coordinate training and career development for engineers
• Monitor accurate execution of processes and procedures, both at business and technical levels
• Work with other teams and managers to improve communications and mutual cooperation
• Demonstrate Operational Excellence in team leading, self-discipline, organization, meeting and process
• Develop KPI's to review performance and drive improvements
• Continual thinking and innovation in improving the team and Operations

• Fluent Chinese speaker is preferred.
• Good communications in English
• Must have at least 2 years of team management or supervisory experience
• Excellent customer service skills and service focus
• Strong written and verbal communication skills, including 1:1 on morale, feedback, and improvement
• Ability to multi-task, paying attention to the details
• Ability to cooperate with cross-functional teams
• Internet system management experience is a plus
• Technical knowledge in IT, Linux, or server operations is a plus

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公司规模:中小型(50-99人)       公司性质:外资企业



这公司在做什么样的产品,其方向和未来的前景怎样?请点击   我想了解


我特别想知道未来可能和怎样的团队一起共事?请点击   我想了解



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